Umbrella Insurance

A much-needed extra layer of protection

Think liability insurance is enough? It may not be!

You’ve worked hard for your nice home and car, but are you prepared if something goes awry? John Galt Independent Insurance Agents wants to do everything we can to protect your assets, as well as you and your family. But, sometimes, life happens and accidents occur. That’s why it’s important to have umbrella insurance, or excess liability insurance.

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage to protect your property, like your car, house, and even your boat should an unforeseen accident occur. It can even assist with charges related to lawsuits, such as attorney fees and overall defense costs. Accidents can happen. Nobody’s perfect. Your team at John Galt Independent Insurance Agents wants to help protect both your personal belongings and your family.

Should I Purchase Umbrella Insurance?

What happens to you and your family’s belongings if you are sued for a slip and fall at your home and the legal costs far outweigh the coverage offered in your homeowner’s policy? Or, what if you are responsible for a serious car wreck? Umbrella insurance does what standard insurance policies simply can’t do.

Today, you never know when someone may decide to slap you with a lawsuit. Don’t you think it’s best to be prepared? While umbrella insurance can be acquired at a low rate, it provides you with the extra coverage needed to protect you in an unplanned situation. You and your family deserve the peace of mind umbrella insurance offers.

Want to learn more about Umbrella Insurance?

Your local independent John Galt Insurance agent will help you select the Umbrella Insurance coverage that fits your individual needs. Contact us today at #PHONE# for your free quote.