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Here at the John Galt Insurance Agency, we believe in making insurance a personal experience. John Galt insurance agents will work with you to ensure that you find the right plan to fit your needs… and of course at the right price. We have been doing just that for over 50 years. The reason that we have had such a long and stable track record is because we are truly an independent agency group. What this means for you is that you will can have all your policies under one roof, one place, one agent, one call, no hassle. Here at John Galt, our loyalty is to our customers You and not any specific insurance carrier. This means we will do what is best for you and not the any individual insurance company. With access to over 50 different companies we are able to find the best coverage at the best price. We are looking forward to you forming a relationship and a partnership with us, not a specific brand.

John Galt InsuranceFinding personalized and quality insurance can be a struggle and in some cases a grueling experience. Our goal is to make insurance fun again. Our independent insurance agency offers all kinds of coverage ranging from home, auto, flood and Liability. Our agents represent over 50 insurance carriers allowing us to shop the market so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Let us do the work for you, that is our job. We will examine your case, compare, and contrast all possible plans to guarantee the best possible rates. We will explain in as much or as little detail that you require to make sure that you feel comfortable all along the way.

It is important for you to have choices in life. Your insurance should not be any different. When you hire us to go to work for you, it is our job to find you the best insurance available at the best available price for your specific needs.

What good are choices if you don’t understand what you are choosing from?

We will listen to you, understand exactly what you need, and will not recommend anything to you until we do.

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